Apptronix Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and is dedicated to the study of latest technology like development of Android applications, study of Robots and their assembling, cyber security and web development. It is a complete training centre where you can get a detail knowledge from a basic application to a complete web designing including the hacking, security, hardwares and many more technical modules that are coming in this new era of technology.

Our main aim is to teach a range of classes that starts with very basic introduction and extend upto a complete web development, software designing as well as a programmable robot to compete with others.we are here to providing the best quality of education and a light surrounding where students can’t face any burden, in fact they can learn each and every aspects of the technology and themselves be a part of it.

We provide the training session and kits as well on the selected module through which students can practice further and show their creative talents and use their own innovative ideas. It is the place where you will enjoy and learn the new coming technologies as well as web development, all together under a same institution. So, be a part of it, be different from others and explore yourselves with innovative and creative thoughts towards this technical world.


Our primary mission is to “Be an Institution of Recognition”,”Best in this area of Technology and Development ” and “contribute to social reform and economic prosperity through educational excellence, technical knowledge rooted in human values”. We believe that rich learning experience of our program can effect powerful and positive transformation in individuals and in their communities towards this era of technology as well as keep the learner in constant touch with the enhanced area of software development.

Apptronix technologies will help students to discover themselves their key strengths and core competencies to compete with the coming challenges related to the web development as well as latest technology like cyber security, advanced apps development and many more technical areas.


Apptronix technologies will provide a sustainable and accessible environment where we support and encourage the students towards the demand of enhanced technology and development. This is a full opportunity institute with high quality of teaching and research and prepares its students for successful career in global society.

We will empower students with the best quality of education to face the coming challenges and achieve the great success in their life by enhancing their creative thoughts and and giving them ideas related to the field of technology and development.